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Antediluvian Rumors

Due to the varies canon changes throughout the editions (in addition to there being lot of rumors and very few hard facts in the meta plot) it can be hard to keep track of what happened to what Antediluvian, who are the clan founders in Vampire the Masquerade. I have taken the time and tried to track down where and what the Antediluvians are doing in the modern nights. 

I have used the Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition timeline changes, information from Beckett's Jyhad Diary, and the information presented in Vampire 5th Edition


What They are Doing or Where They Are


  • Banu Haqim: The last anyone saw of Haqim was in 121 CE at the British Isles where he was engaged in philosophical conversations with Mithras. Since then, attempts to find him has failed. It is rumored that he is in torpor in the Azerbaijan/Iran/Turkmenistan though some believe he is awake but remains hidden.
  • Cappadocian: Cappadocius was diablierized by Augustus Giovanni in 1444 CE.
  • Brujah: Brujah was diablierized by Troile in the second city.
  • Ministry: After a brief awakening in 33 AD, Sutekh disappeared from view and has not been seen since (but left vague prophecies about his return). Despite this, a Ventrue named Nasch came upon a cult known as the Coil of Lion allegedly harbored Sutekh’s body in the 14th century. Nasch then drank from Sutekh’s body which sent Nasch into torpor for a century.
  • Gangrel: Ennoia has drifted in and out of torpor since the fall of Enoch. It is unknown whether she is awake or not in the modern nights.
  • Giovanni: Augustus Giovanni is believed to be a casualty of the Second Inquisition.
  • Lasombra: Physically slain and allegedly diablierized by Gratiano de Veronese at the start of the Anarch revolt.
  • Malkavian: Malkav is thought to be in torpor somewhere in Jerusalem where it is thought that his madness has caused the constant state of chaos in that area. It has also been theorized that all Malkavians may or may not have drunk him causing their “cobweb” mental connection with all other members.
  • Nosferatu: Absimillard was last recorded to have retreated to the far ends of the Earth after his scarring and creation of the Nicktuku. Absimillard was disappointed in his children for creating embracing others and created the Nicktuku to hunt them. Modern Nosferatu's stem from one of his original childes.
  • Ravnos: Zapathasura awoke insane with the pain from the death of his children at the hands of the Kuei-jin. This event caused the Week of Nightmares and ended with Zapathasura being destroyed by concentrated sunlight (from satellites) after surviving spiritual nukes and destroying three Bodhisattvas.
  • Saulot: Tricked Tremere into diablierizing him in which he took over Tremere’s body in 1133 CE. Last rumors place him at Hunedoara Castle pretending to be a servant.
  • Toreador: Arikel is currently thought to be awake and residing in Greece.
  • Tremere: The soul of Tremere resides in the body of his childe Goratrix (while Goratrix soul is confined in a mirror) since 1133 CE. Goratrix is trying to lead those Tremere that followed him to rebuild the pyramid after the destruction of the Chantry in Vienna by the hands of the Second Inquisition.
  • Troile: Troile descended into the Earth in the arms of Moloch to hide from the Romans where they salted the earth and performed a ritual to trap them there. Though, in recent nights, there is evidence that they have been moved and reside under the
  • Tzimisce: Was allegedly diablierized by Lugoj at the start of the Anarch Revolt but it was discovered that the Eldest faked his own diablerie and eventually when into torpor. In the modern nights, the Eldest body was brought to New York where he awakened, shed his giant flesh crafted body, and is now on the search for his siblings to find answers.
  • Ventrue: The clan Ventrue claim that their founder Veddartha was ambushed and killed by Brujah on the outskirts of the Second City.

Interesting Rumors of the Night

  • Arula: There is four beings who lay in torpor in Enoch, who may or may not be members of the Third Generation. Their names are Al-Mahri, Loz, Nergal, and Ninmug.  

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