Sunday, November 19, 2023

Legacies of Exera: Session 5


After the party collects themselves, divides the treasure found after the defeat of the Warlock, and finds their way safety out of the mountain stronghold the party comes across odd tracks in the ground. After a quick discussion, the party decides to follow the tracks as the tracks were leading down the mountain anyway. After sometime, the party realizes that the woods of crown silent and the party notices that there are strange looking animal statues and some humanoid statues around that all appear to be carved with faces of fear.

As the party was discussing what this could mean, they are ambushed by a large multi-legged reptilian creature. During the ensuing battle, Helenista and Claren feel their limbs start to stiffen after meeting the creature's gaze but are able to resist whatever magics was going on. The fight started to drag on longer the party anticipated and some of the members were fighting gravely wounded as it became impossible to tell who's blood was whose and how much of it belonged to the creature. In an act of desperation, Gareth using all of his focus to grab the creature by an unseen force and fling it straight up in the air. The party took cover by the nearby tries as the flailing creature came back down and landing on the ground with a sickening crunch. After making making sure the creature was dead, the party knew that did not want to be in the woods after dark and limped back to the village they stayed in before their journey to Firetop Mountain.

When the party returned to the village, they are greeted as heroes and are given supplies, food, and drink for their efforts. The party enjoys the words of praise and free food well into the night as Harl and Shaleera make their way upstairs to celebrate the victory properly. Sometime later, Gareth goes outside to go to make water and notices a small cloaked figure outside who takes off running when the figure notices that the figure has been seen  by Gareth. Gareth quickly takes chase and ends up capturing the figure which turns out to be a Kobold and after some aggressive negotiation, the Kobold admits that they are all doomed. Gareth knocks out the Kobold and runs back to the tavern to warn everyone that there might be an attack coming as Gareth thinks he caught the forward scout of an attack party. 

The commotion rouses Harl and Harl assists rallying the townsfolk to defensive positions as the village is swarmed by Kobolds. Harl helped direct the village folk to put out fires the Kobolds started as the rest of the party helped with the physical defenses. At the break of dawn, the party was able drive off the few remaining Kobolds which scattered in the woods. In the aftermath, there was only handful of injured villagers and a couple of charred 1/4 burnt buildings. In the hemorning light and during cleanup, the party decided to stay in the village for a couple of days to help the village clean up and to make sure the Kobolds do not come back.

The party found no more traces of the remaining Kobolds in the woods and premised that they are long long. It was also discussed and the party came to the conclusion along with the village that Kobolds attacked the village in some type of revenge plot because of the death of the Warlock. 


PLAYER'S NOTES: I have no notes as I was not at the session due to other obligations. I was given the information of what happened during the session second hand by other players and the DM.

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